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Dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Yip

Two of SCDC’s long-standing members, Trevor and Brian, are leaving in the next few months. So on 22nd March they went out for dinner in Sai Kung with our original boat people – Mr. and Mrs. Yip.  We rented their … Continue reading

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Wilson Trail stages 8, 9, 10

24 Jan: A bit late to post this but in January, a week after the extensive hill fires in Pat Sin Leng, Rita and I set off to hike the final 3 stages of the Wilson Trail, which go up … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Humpback Update

According to the Standard this morning, the Hong Kong Humpback has moved slowly from the Lamma channel to Po Toi (perhaps lured by the excellent seafood restaurant that we were at 10 days ago).  According to the article, experts now … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Humpback

The 10 metre humpback whale that was spotted in the East Lamma Channel was yesterday off Cape d’Aguilar. Dr Hung, director of the Hong Kong Cetacean Research Project, believes it is swimming normally and is hopeful that left to its … Continue reading

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Humpback whale seen in Hong Kong

On Monday a humbpack whale was spotted in the East Lamma Channel by Marine Police, who alerted the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. This is the first record of such a creature in Hong Kong waters. It is possible that … Continue reading

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Coral beach at Hoi Ha Wan

Here’s a piece of good news, I’ve just received the following response from AFCD regarding the coral beach at Hoi Ha Wan, which was closed to give the coral chance to recover from some problems caused by urchins and snails. … Continue reading

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WWF in Hong Kong invite you to make a wish for the oceans

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Hong Kong are inviting people to make a wish for the marine environment on their website. This is part of their Ocean Witness campaign, which documents the changes that people have seen in the … Continue reading

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Hoi Ha corals recovering

Today’s SCMP is reporting that corals in the marine park at Hoi Ha Wan are recovering after a drop in predators. In 2006 there had been a big increase in Diadema setosum, a species of long-spined sea urchin, and tests … Continue reading

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Martin Williams’s rural retreats

The UK’s Guardian has an article from Martin Williams, a 22 year resident of Hong Kong, on some of his favourite rural getaways. So see what you think of his suggestions and see if there are places that you prefer. … Continue reading

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Hiking: Mt Butler – Shek O

Since I’ve been stuck with a cold for nearly a month now, I’ve not managed any diving. Hence the renewed enthusiasm for hiking. This week instead of continuing the Wilson Trail, we joined up with Trevor and his brother and … Continue reading

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Missing diver in Hong Kong found

Another week, another incident. This time there was a happy ending. The following information comes mainly from a translation of an article in Monday’s Hong Kong Economic Times. Last Sunday (12 Oct) a private instructor took 4 trainees on a … Continue reading

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White Dolphins Affected by Tour Groups

The Hong Kong Standard for Tuesday 23 September has an article suggesting that tour groups are scaring the white dolphins that we get in Hong Kong waters. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) feel that some of the tour … Continue reading

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