Maldives government underwater

bbc_maldives_divingIn an attempt to highlight the threat of climate change, the government of the Maldives will hold a cabinet meeting underwater. On 17th October, all the cabinet ministers bar one (who has a health problem that precludes diving) will hold a meeting at which they will sign a document calling for global cuts in carbon emissions.

President Nasheed, who is already a diver, will also hold a press conference in the water, although presumably not underwater which might make him a little difficult to hear. Although some might argue that would be a good thing for a politician.

The ministers are being trained at a military base in the Maldives and for the underwater meeting will each be accompanied by an instructor and military escorts.

It certainly sounds an interesting way to highlight the effects of global warming, which are likely to hit the island nation very hard, since the Maldives is on average only 2.3 metres above sea level.

President Nasheed sounds to be a bit of a character. Shortly after his election he made headlines when he talked about creating a sovereign wealth fund to buy up land with a view to relocating the entire country.

You can read more about the underwater cabinet meeting on the BBC’s website, from where the above photo came.

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