Freediver Breaks 100m on a Single Breath

William Trubridge, a New Zealand freediver, broke his own world record on Tuesday after descending 100 metres propelled only by his arms and legs. There are a number of different free diving categories, and this falls within “Constant Weight without Fins”.

Deeper dives have been achieved by freedivers in other categories. In fact there are quite a number of different freediving categories. For example, a diver can use fins (Constant Weight with Fins), pull themselves down the guideline (Free Immersion), use a weighted sled (Variable Weight), or use a weighted sled and a lift-bag (No Limits).

Congratulations to Mr. Trubridge.

You can read more from the New Zealand Herald.

About Neil Hambleton

I am a British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) Advanced Diver and an Open Water Instructor. I have been diving since 1992, after joining South China Diving Club (SCDC), which is a Hong Kong-based branch of the BSAC. Having moved to New Zealand, I am now a member of BSAC New Zealand.
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