Caesarian by shark bite


In an Auckland aquarium visitors spotted four baby sharks spilling out of a wound in the side of  a pregnant female. The wound was caused by a bite from another shark. Staff removed the female and the four baby sharks, and found four more still inside the mother. All eight of these have now been placed in a nursery tank with some juvenile eagle rays, where people can see them for a while until they are released into the wild. The mother also survived.

It is not unusual for sharks to take chunks out of each other, but this particular bite must have been in just the right place to let the babies out without harming them, and at just the right time in that they were old enough to survive. Bizarrely it may also have saved the young sharks lives, as if they had been born naturally, most likely at night, staff would not have known and they would probably have been eaten by the other sharks and rays in the aquarium.

The above photo comes from the New Zealand Herald, and you can find out more from their website.

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I am a British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) Advanced Diver and an Open Water Instructor. I have been diving since 1992, after joining South China Diving Club (SCDC), which is a Hong Kong-based branch of the BSAC. Having moved to New Zealand, I am now a member of BSAC New Zealand.
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